Health & Safety

From left to right: Frank, Don, Mustapha, Gaëtanne, Kenneth, Jerzy, Daniel, and Troy 

L.V. Control Manufacturing Ltd. (L.V. Control) is committed to promoting, creating, and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and to improving the environmental quality of our operations and surrounding communities. This effort begins with providing a safe physical plant and hazard-free working conditions. To accomplish these goals, L.V. Control adheres to the following Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) principles:

  • Minimize any significant adverse environmental impacts or safety/health risks to employees, customers and the public, through the use of integrated HSE management procedures and planning;
  • Maintain compliance with all applicable international, federal, provincial and local regulations and laws;
  • Prevent pollution, reduce waste emissions, and commit to reuse, recovery and recycling;
  • Secure and maintain all applicable permits and other regulatory approvals required for operations; and
  • Continually assess and anticipate future HSE laws and regulations and the effects they may have on our operations.

L.V. Control is committed to continuous improvement in all activities with focus on pollution prevention, waste minimization and reduction in use of chemical raw materials. We work to improve our products and processes to reduce any negative impact on the environment, safety and health.

Health, Safety and Environmental Management System

L.V. Control maintains a global Health, Safety and Environmental Management System to ensure that we meet our environmental goals. Our “Corporate Environmental Policy” drives our HSE objectives in areas such as Hazardous Waste Management, Chemical Safety, Emergency Planning, Electrical Safety, Contractor Safety, Injury Management and Site Assessments for real estate transactions.

The corporate HSE team is responsible for establishing a worldwide HSE strategy and implementing and tracking its compliance. HSE programs are implemented by professionals at manufacturing site. Managers are responsible for safety and environmental performance, while employees are required to comply with all environmental and safety laws, as well as L.V. Control HSE procedures.

Awards and Partnership Programs

L.V. Control participates in various environmental and safety award presentations, certification events and partnership programs. We believe that actively participating in these programs helps promote awareness of environmental and safety issues, and enhances a partnership between our company and the communities in which we operate. Some of the awards and partnerships we participate in are:

  • Canadian Standards Association

Workplace Safety

L.V. Control has a strong commitment to workplace safety, and we integrate HSE policies into our daily business operations. Management regularly reviews safety metrics, and managers and employees participate in HSE awareness training as a part of their continuous learning at L.V. Control.