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  • Displays concise alarm messages in plain English
  • Provides 24 hour monitoring of critical functions
  • Extremely flexible and user friendly
  • Overview

    Finally, a monitoring package specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s Pork and Poultry producers. Now, Information regarding room temperature, power conditions, bin levels, and security is available 24 hours a day at the touch of a button.

    Whenever an alarm occurs the display advises the operator of what the problem is and where it is. The sooner you know this information the sooner the problem can be resolved. With this system, losses can be reduced or even eliminated.

    The MDU system that you buy today is capable of growing with you. If your system changes you simply edit the configuration to agree with your new plant description. The operator is able to configure sensor labels, alarm setpoints, passwords, security times, network layout, etc. from the front keypad.

    Main System Components

    MDU – The Master Display Unit is the PRIMARY building block of the alarm system. It accepts information from all the Remote Data Units on the network while supplying them with control power and back-up. Messages are displayed on the large back-lit LCD display in plain English. Alarm descriptions/labels are easily customized to meet your exact requirements. System changes are made from the front keypad, and a password protects your configuration from unauthorized personnel.

    RTU – The Remote Terminal Unit is used wherever an additional Keypad/Display station is required. It is connected to the network via a 4-conductor cable and provides the user with local alarm functions.

    RDU – The Remote Data Units are used to collect information from the field devices and are connected to the Network via a 4-conductor cable. Each RDU is capable of handling eight temperature sensors. These units are usually mounted in close proximity of the area being monitored. Digital or switched inputs (e.g. door switches, power fail, level switches, smoke detectors, pressure switches, etc.) can also be accepted with the use of optional Digital Input Cards. The range for the temperature sensors is -40 C to +50 C.


  • Pork and poultry operations
  • Livestock confinement
  • Educational and research facilities
  • Options

  • Single and three phase power fail monitors
  • Battery back-up
  • Wireless pagers
  • Automatic telephone dialers
  • Bin level switches
  • Horns
  • Diagram