Software Development

Using the most current Windows and DOS programming languages, we are able to provide PC-based automation and information solutions ranging from control of an entire grain elevator to blending and distribution of feed in hog processing operations, to database applications designed to meet the user’s specific requirements.

Computerized Drawings, Graphical Design and Professional Documentation

An extensive investment in computer aided design (CAD) and desktop publishing (DTP) equipment and personnel ensures that all drawings and user documentation are prepared in a timely and professional manner. In order to minimize operational downtime, all of our control systems are shipped with customized user manuals which outline the capabilities and operation of the system.

Custom Training Programs

L.V. Control is committed to Operator training for our PC-based control systems The training sessions held in our Winnipeg facility are conducted by the people directly involved in the development, commissioning and post-installation support.

On-Site Commissioning

Our technicians travel to site prior to system start-up in order to verify proper field terminations and general control operation. Additional time is spent with the Operators to ensure that they understand and are comfortable with performing the basic plant functions.

Ongoing Support

Each software package is sold complete with the software and hardware necessary to remotely monitor and support the internal workings of the computer and programmable controller. At the customer’s request, we are able to go on-line from Winnipeg via modems and provide just about any level of service that is required.

Electronic Design and Assembly

Our engineering group consists of individuals who are leaders in their fields of specialization. The depth and range of experience relating to electronic and process control design available within this group ensures that practical and reliable solutions are presented to all of our customers. In addition, we are able to offer in-house assembly services for the solutions which we provide.

Logic Development

Custom programming of Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs), Generic Array Logic (GAL) and ladder logic for use in microprocessor based systems.

Micro-controller Development

Custom programming using C and Assembly languages for the Motorola series of micro-controllers.

Silk Screen Fabrication

We have the design personnel and equipment required to draft, plot, expose and screen artwork onto new and existing control panels. Our control panels are manufactured with graphically illustrations of the physical layout of the facility being controlled.